At Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods®, we believe what’s good for the earth is good for you too. That’s why we make sustainable choices in the ingredients that we buy and packaging we choose to ensure a smaller impact on the environment and a greater, positive impact on your wellbeing.

Sustainable Food

At Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods®, we’re Goodness On-The-Go®. Everything we make is 100% vegan, free of GMOs, natural, and delicious. We’re proud to promote sustainable farming and source hundreds of thousands of pounds of organic and gluten-free ingredients every year.

Sustainable Packaging

We use paper-based packaging because paper is a renewable, biodegradable natural resource and BPA free. Our paper is sourced from Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI®) certified forests that are continuously growing and where biodiversity is preserved.

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Program is an international non-profit dedicated to promoting responsible standards for the management of our planet’s forests. Buying a product whose packaging comes with an SFI® certification means that the paper used to make it was sourced according to the SFI®’s principles of environmental, ecological and social consciousness.

To learn more about the SFI® Program and its principles, visit their website at

Sustainable Forestry Initiative


Paper packaging is so amazing because it is made from renewable resources and weighs less than traditional packaging. This means that our cartons and cups take up less truck space than cans and plastic bottles, reducing fuel consumption and lowering our carbon footprint. It takes 9 truckloads of cans to ship as many units as 1 truckload of cartons!

6 reasons to buy SFI


We’re committed to promoting recycling across the United States, which starts at our own facility where we recycle every material we can. We are also a proud Carton Recycling Champion and work with the Carton Council to increase carton recycling in the US by promoting both recycling technology and local collection programs that help limit the number of cartons that can become waste. You can learn more about the Carton Council here

how cartons are recycled