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We’re proud to be located in beautiful Woodland, California – the gateway to the Capay Valley. Yolo County is one of the top counties in the country for sustainability. The California organic movement started here in the 1970s and cities like Woodland continue to be leaders in the spread of organic agriculture in the United States. Where we make our food is as important to us as what we make. Our community is committed to celebrating its food, farmers, and sustainability practices. Woodland and Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods are committed to Sustaining The Earth, Sustaining You® Learn more about the amazing things going on in our community at www.yolocounty.org and www.farmtofork.com .


We’re proud to be part of the Woodland community and its commitment to sustainability. Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods chose to be based in Woodland because we believed in its mission and in the amazing things happening here! Here are a few of the ways Woodland is helping to build a greener California:

  • Reducing Water Consumption – Woodland continues to see 25-45% monthly reductions in water use compared to pre-drought (2013) levels
  • Promoting Recycling – community solid waste diversion (recycling, reuse) is annually in the range of 57-64%.
  • Planting More Trees – Woodland is literally “The City of Trees”. The community tree campaign is increasing the town’s tree canopy by an average rate of 100 trees per month.
  • Building a 21st Century Solar Infrastructure – The combined site of Woodland’s solar system is 2.5MW. Over 10% of Woodland homes have rooftop solar. Community wide, Yolo County has almost 17MW of solar installations and actually exports solar power to the grid.


We started the Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods line nearly 20 years ago because we wanted to make the delicious foods from the McDougall Program accessible to everyone. Over the years, we’ve expanded our product selection to include over 50 delicious, nutritious and convenient meals. We are proud to report today that Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods® is the nation’s leading natural meal cup brand.


John  and Mary McDougall

Dr. John McDougall, M.D. is one of the founding fathers of natural wellness. A best-selling author and board-certified internist, he has been writing and speaking about the effects of nutrition on health for over 30 years. His guiding principle, and ours, is that people should feel great, and enjoy the best possible health for a lifetime.

As the founder and medical director of the nationally renowned McDougall Program, Dr. McDougall has helped thousands improve their health and their quality of life by teaching people about the benefits of a plant based, heart healthy diet rich in good starches like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, rice, pasta and legumes.

To find out more, www.drmcdougall.com has a discussion board with support groups and other wonderful forums, recipes to make at home, tips for eating out, links to Dr. McDougall’s Newsletters, and information about McDougall Wellness Events and his upcoming book, The Starch Solution. We highly recommend you take a look.


The Healthiest Diet on the Planet invites us to reclaim our health simply by eating the foods we’ve always loved but were told to never eat. This scientifically proven approach not only encourages us to eat the foods we crave and enjoy, but also has helped hundreds of thousands of people lose unwanted weight, discover more energy, discontinue unnecessary medications, avoid illnesses, and live longer and stronger. By enjoying nutritious starches, fruits, and vegetables, we can get healthy, one satisfying meal at a time. Dr. McDougall offers a delicious, easy-to-follow, and proven guide that lets us enjoy the foods we love again—and, in the process, prevent and reverse disease.

Featuring a unique color picture book that shows us exactly what we should and shouldn’t eat, and two dozen color photos of mouth-watering recipes from Mary McDougall, The Healthiest Diet on the Planet is the easiest way to look great, feel better, and forever change the way we think about health and nutrition.

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