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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are your products vegan?

A: Yes! We use completely vegan, fresh ingredients in all of our products.


Q: Where is your factory located?

A: Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods is located in beautiful Woodland, California!


Q: Are your products Non-GMO?

A: All our products are non-GMO certified


Q: What is the shelf life of your products?

A: All of our Right Foods products have a 12 month-24 month shelf life starting from the day we pack them. Check the expiration date printed on the lid of your product to find this info.


Q: My product is past its expiration date. Should I still eat it?

A: We want our customers to have the best possible experience with our products and do not recommend that you eat any product past its expiration date.


Q: Where can I buy your products?

A: You can find our Right Foods products in stores across the US! Check out our store locator page to find the store nearest you


Q: I have a food allergen – should I eat your products?

A: We are a family business and take a lot of pride in making the best possible products for our customers. We do process allergens in our facility and some of our recipes do contain nuts, wheat, or soy (these items will be clearly listed on ingredients).


Q: I see some of your items have chicken flavors, but I though you’re supposed to be vegan?

A: We were fooled at first too! Believe it or not, we’re able to use nothing but all – natural, vegan ingredients to replicate the comforting, homemade taste of chicken broth without using any animal – derived products.


Q: Can I Get Your Products Internationally?

A: We are a family business and are very proud of the awesome products we make! We don’t currently ship directly outside of the US, but our products are for sale on Amazon and Vitacost.


Q: What are “natural flavors”?

A: Natural flavors are yeast extracts, vegetable, spice and herb extracts and combinations of them. Our products are non-gmo certified and are made with the highest standards.


Q: What is your return/refund policy?

A: Because we’re a growing company and our team is focused on making you the best foods in the world and meeting demand, we do not accept returns. We are 100% committed to customer satisfaction and offer refunds and/or replacements on a case-by-case basis. Requirements for any refund or replacement are: product name, lot number, order number, and photos of product and packaging. All requests should be sent to hello@brightpeoplefoods.com. Thank you for joining us on our mission and for your help bringing you the best possible product!