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Fueling up on the go is important – and the way you keep yourself active is just as important as what you’re putting into your body. Whether you are lifting at the gym, hopping on a bike or jogging around town, there are hundreds of ways to keep active. So which is the best for you? To find out, we’re looking to the best tool at the moment for staying in shape – social media! There are hundreds of fitness influencers on our favorite apps sharing tips, tricks and motivational inspo to keep us going on our fitness journeys. We made a list of some of our favorite influencers, each tailored to a different kind of workout and lifestyle that anyone can find themselves using.

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1. Chloe Ting

Say hello to the quick fit queen! Chloe is an Australian fitness influencer who exploded on the scene with her Two Week Shred Challenge – an at-home workout designed to tighten and tone your core in two weeks based on gradual build in intensity. It’s gotten a huge response on TikTok as fans love her knowledgable content tailored to fast workouts that can fit in anyone’s schedules. We also love her down-to-earth attitude that keeps the workouts fun and keeps you motivated thanks to her huge variety of fitness videos on her Instagram and YouTube channel. Who’s up for two-week abs?

2. Tia Blanco

Surfs up! Pro surfer Tia Blanco is one of our favorite influencers who packs an active lifestyle with awesome tips for maintaining vegan wellness. We love her ability to balance healthy eats and gorgeous lifestyle inspo all while keeping up a fun and sporty fitness routine. We definitely recommend her at-home yoga workouts for building flexibility, or one of her surfing vids if you’re feeling a little more adventurous. Working out a looking good while doing it? Sign us up!


3. Natalie Matthews

Looking to pump up your workout? We recommend @fitveganchef, otherwise known as competitive bikini, surfer and fitness model and vegan chef Natalie Matthews. We love looking to Natalie’s Instagram for motivation on those more intense workouts designed to build muscle while living a plant-based lifestyle. On top of her killer YouTube videos, like her tips for the perfect back workout, she also attended the Living Light Culinary Institute where she graduated as a Raw Chef, so she has all the credentials to back up her gorgeous vegan recipes to compliment your post-workout recharge.


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Call me basic 💁🏽‍♀️, but there is nothing quite like a huge plate of colorful🌈, fueling brunch foods! Am I right?! I know, I’m right. 😜 This plate has been one of my go-to meals for refeed days🤤 • What is your go-to brunch order? • Macros: 53g protein/66g carbs/13g fat • Ingredients: -110g seitan (you can used 1 +1/4 servings of my lupini bean seitan. Crumble it up in a food processor) -50g greens -2 tbsp pickled carrots -1 tbsp beet Sauerkraut -2 thin sliced bread (I used @oroweatbread ) -25g mashed avocado -15g @kitehillfoods vegan cream cheese -30g plain cream of rice @thepridefoods mixed with 1 tbsp nutritional yeast from @anthonysgoods

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4. Crissi Carvalho

Working out on a plant-based lifestyle has its major benefits, but sometimes it helps to have that professional mentorship to give you real insight on the fuel you’re putting into your body. For this approach, we love looking to Crissi Carvalho, known as @veganfitnessmodel on her Instagram. Fitness model, vegan coach, author, and CEO are just a few of the titles she holds and it shows through her feed – she offers refreshingly relatable posts on maintaining an active lifestyle while executing well-balanced hollistic eating habits. From meal prep to quick body weight workout tips, we can definitely break a sweat after checking out her page!


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This is one of my #veganmealprep recipes in my @veganfitnessfoods ebook and right now I’ve put for 50% off, if your needing recipes to get more organised and get healthier + drop some body-fat this book will get you on track to success! . . If you’re in Australia you can get them delivered to your door by @herbidoor as currently I have collaborated with them, NO COOKING and all macro balance plus atm receive a FREE meal plan…this is for both guys and gals! 2 sizes available, it’s a 4 week fat loss or a build/tone package, so for the entire month of February you will have ya cook for you! 😱 . These meals are what gets me to stage lean but also keeps me healthy lean all year. . @veganfitnessfoods ebook 50% off CODE: 2020Vegan See linktree in bio @veganfitnessmodel . Or @herbidoor for 10 meals a week plus meal plan and support for 4 weeks, at just over $100 per week’! Head to their website, then tab Vegan Fitness Foods meals, these will be delivered freshly cooked to you. . More info DM me anytime 😍 #veganfitnessmeals #veganfitnessmodel #veganfitnessfood #herbidoor #vegansofaustralia

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5.Steph Elswood

What we are currently loving about Steph is she has a little bit of everything – workout ideas, vegan recipes, positivity practices, all wrapped up in a gorgeous feed! Sometimes if you aren’t sure where to begin your fitness journey, a page like Steph’s is the way to start! She offers quick at-home workout tips, and we love her videos on meditation and relaxation when you need to recover. She also creates  lifestyle content on her YouTube channel where she offers videos on veganism, maintaining a healthy lifestyle during a busy schedule and even helpful videos on mental health. We highly recommend Steph to keep your body and brain muscles flexed!

We hope this list gets you excited to start or continue your own fitness journey. Let us know if any of these influencers or workouts work best for you, and let us know your favorite way to stay fit!